Madelaine Cooper



“ What could be more personal 
than a wedding ceremony when you commit to
the person you love. So your wedding ceremony
should be bespoke and absolutely right for
you both in every way.”


Your wedding day is the time when you can create a ceremony which is absolutely right for you.  A ceremony which is held in a place which is special for you both – whether that’s in the depths of a romantic wood, in an hotel or historic building, a place either indoors or outdoors that has meaning for you both or in your own back garden. 

Choosing me to be your Celebrant means that I’ll be there for you at every stage of the planning of the ceremony and will know you both, your stories and your plans for the future.  So that on the day of the wedding you can feel relaxed and confident. 

It may be that it’s important for you to include your friends and family in a particular way in the ceremony and to have readings, poems and music which have meaning for you.  You may feel that you don’t want to give your vows to your partner in the context of a religious ceremony.  Perhaps you’d like to find another symbolic way to celebrate your commitment to each other – tieing of a silken knot or lighting a candle together for example.  

Everything can be made to measure for your wedding day to make it completely personal and unique.