Madelaine Cooper



“ My name is Madelaine Cooper.
I am a trained, accredited and insured Humanist Celebrant
who can help you to create a wedding ceremony which is unique,
personal and very special”

My professional life has brought me into contact with people at points of change and transition in their lives.  I work now as a Professional Career Coach and very much enjoy interacting with people to find out what really matters to them and what makes them happy.  My clients’ feedback is that I work intuitively and with warmth, humour and sound knowledge. 

I’ve attended RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) voice training sessions because once we’ve created a perfect wedding ceremony for you both, it’s important that you and your guests all hear clearly what’s being said! 

Living beside the sea in Sussex is a breath of fresh air after many years of living and working in London and also in New York.  I’m married and have one son.  My personal enthusiasm for words, poetry and music helps me to bring original and thoughtful ideas to make your wedding ceremony absolutely right for your personalities, interests and family situations. 

 I’m happy to be a Celebrant at wedding ceremonies in the UK and abroad.